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"Digital nomads: a new global trend to discover"

The advancement of technology has generated tremendous positive changes in various aspects of our lives, such as the way we entertain ourselves (video games, streaming movies and even virtual and augmented reality) as well as the way we acquire information and services. It is interesting how we evolve together with technology, and we seek to adapt and make the most of its benefits.

Therefore, we must take into account that our way of working has also evolved to open new and exciting expectations and, above all, to give us great alternatives to freedom. From here, the term Digital Nomad is born.

But, what is to be a digital nomad?

The author Reichenberger, in her article Digital nomads - a quest for holistic freedom in work and leisure, defines them: "Digital nomads are portrayed as young professionals working only in an online environment while leading to independent and often reliable travel lifestyle where the boundaries between work, leisure and travel appear blurred." (2017, July 18).

Similar to freelancers, these digital nomads have the characteristic that they do not enclose themselves in a single place, but instead, they are citizens of the world. They can pack their business and transport it to any corner of the world that they like (provided there is wifi or internet access) while enjoying the wonders that travel offers.

It seems enthralling to combine this holistic lifestyle characterized by absolute freedom and work as two regarded as equally enjoyable. And, what about the family? Simple, if your lifestyle is adventurous, free and you have adopted the philosophy of digital nomads as your own, your children can enjoy it with you. Worldschooling goes hand in hand with digital nomads in a way that adults and children can grow professionally and educationally while enjoying the nature and culture of the country they visit any time of the year.
Both lifestyles explore the capacities to adapt these philosophies of life and how to put them into practice, interpreting together work, fun, and travel.

If you are interested in exploring the world in a family trip, do not hesitate to contact us. We hope to live this experience together.




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