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"Working from anywhere in the world… with your children."

Like part of the title says… If you are able to work from anywhere in the world, then you are truly location-independent. We see a lot of concepts popping up offering retreats to get out of your daily life and work from a different place, joining like-minded people, but… we couldn’t find a single concept where the children can join the parents.

That’s surprising, right?

Admittedly, we struggled with this issue a lot as well. How can you travel the world, work from different places and still be together with your children so they too can enjoy these experiences? The single most important blocking point is… education. Yes, education. Not particularly education in itself, but the way it’s organized. 

For one reason or another, society decided to put all our children together in the same place (society calls it school), carefully divided by age, assuming they will all learn the same subjects at the same pace... They have to be at school every day from Monday to Friday, take the weekend off, and start the same thing all over again the following week.  

How can a child discover the world if it has to be at school all year starting from the age of 6 until the age of 18? If we look at education in this way, of course it’s impossible for the children to join their parents on a trip to another country for 30 days or more, several times a year.

We decided for ourselves that we won’t be playing that game.

With Unsame, we offer you the possibility to travel the world, keep on working on your projects, be with your children and offer them the best education you can imagine: life and the world itself.

A permanent coach will guide your children and provide them with plenty of learning opportunities. We strongly believe children are natural learners and you don’t have to force them to learn. Just provide them with the right environment and the right tools and they will learn themselves. Life should be fun, education should be fun too…

Think about it and join us.


Bart & Evelien

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