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"Can you imagine being active and creative whenever and wherever you want?"

The typical 9 am - 5 pm workday. We all know it. Although technology has made us much more flexible, we still stick to the typical routine of 5 working days and the weekend off. At the beginning of the 20th century, the 40-hour workweek worked well, but do we really need it today?

We believe we don’t.

First of all, “work” and “leisure” should not be separated from each other. In the end, it’s all “living”. You should enjoy what you do for “work” so it doesn’t feel like “work” anymore. It sounds very clichéd but it’s true. 

We tried to come up with a new and personal vision for ourselves and started from the following premises:

  • work and play shouldn’t be separated; do what you love doing
  • retirement is not necessary for us; we would love to keep on going until our 80s or 90s
  • don’t get exhausted from work so you desperately need some holidays to recharge your batteries
  • it’s impossible to be productive 8 hours a day; even 5-6 hours is a challenge
  • mix your professional life with some nice adventures and exotic locations

With these premises in mind, we decided to leave the 8-hour workday and 5-day workweek behind.   We want to be active and creative (sounds better than “work”, isn´t it?) whenever we want and wherever we want.  We want to be free.

We see ourselves as working on new projects when we are 80 or 90 and we believe that just that will keep us fit.

This mindset is exactly what’s behind the Unsame-concept. Enjoy your life, be together with like-minded people, join your children in their learning process and keep on being active and creative.  Keep on “working” on your projects until your 90s. For us, that’s the perfect recipe.

What kind of vision would you design if you could start from scratch? Think about it. The world is yours… Life is yours.

Thanks for reading.

Bart & Evelien

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