Who would be the perfect fit?

* adventurous families with children (minimum age 4 years old)

* entrepreneurs, freelancers, etc. Anyone who can work remotely for 2-6 weeks

* people that believe traditional schooling should be complemented with other types of education

* parents and children with a sense for adventure and challenge

    Q. What is the main language spoken at the locations?

    A. In general, we will use English as the main language, but don´t hesitate to use your own native language when you talk to the children (own and other children). They will enjoy discovering new languages and cultures.

    Q. Can you arrange a taxi service to get to the location?

    A. Don’t worry! We’ll come personally to the airport to welcome you and bring you to the hotel.

    Q. Do you provide flights?

    A. Travel and flights are not included in your program fee and we are not able to provide flights. You must arrive at the destination on your own and make your own way on afterwards.

    Q. Is travel insurance included in the price?

    Travel insurance is not included in the price and should be taken care of by yourself in case you want it.

    Q. What's the payment process like?

    A. Once you’re invited to join us, your spot is held as soon as you pay your €500 deposit. Deposits are refundable less a €100 cancellation fee up to 30 days before the retreat begins. Final payments are due no later than 30 days before your retreat’s start date.

    Q. What happens if the trip cannot go through because of COVID-19?

    A. If COVID-19 prevents us from organizing our trips at the last minute, we will offer you a voucher with the value of the purchased trip, exchangeable for another trip within the next 18 months. If COVID-19 prevents us from organising new trips in the next 18 months, we will give you a complete refund.

    Q. What safety measures are you taking regarding COVID-19?

    A. At all destinations we are applying current COVID-19 safety measures and obligations. We require vaccination certificate upon arrival. Upon arriving at our locations, all adults will be required to take and pass a COVID-19 test and show results before meeting up with our group. All participants are required to wear a mask and respect social distance when we are outside of our community. All participants will be required to follow and respect local ordinance on wearing masks, social distancing, allowance of group sizes, etc. As an additional safety measure are groups are relatively small with a maximum of 3 families (aprox 6 adults and 6 children). Most of our activities happen in open air which reduces the risk of COVID-19 contamination. For more detailled information, please check following website: https://travelsafe.spain.info/en/

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