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An "unsame" day is full of life

“ Experience, travel – these are an education in themselves ” ( E u r i p i d e s )

What does a "typical" day look like at our workations? Well, the least you can say is that they are not typical at all. They are "unsame". Here's what one of your days could look like:

  • 7:30am: Mornings start quiet and relaxing. It is an ideal moment to spend some time with the kids and making plans for the day.
  • 08:30am: You can grab breakfast at the hotel or go to the local coffee shop or bakery café with some other families.
  • 09:30am: Private time for the parents so they can get some work done or just spend time as they want. During this morning cycle our child coach will be with your children in the "class room" to prepare and dive deeper into the outdoor activities that will follow in the afternoon. This morning preparation will allow your children to get the best learning experience during the afternoon.
  • 01:30pm: lunch
  • 02:30pm: Action time! This is the moment you are looking forward to and what defines UnsameLife. Go out and discover the country together with your children. Before the start of each workation, you will receive full detail of all the personalized activities that we offer.
  • 07:30pm: dinner time
  • 09:30pm: Time to wind down, share the day's experiences, and be grateful for a fantastic day.

What makes an UnsameLife travel experience so unique?

A trip with UnsameLife is not your typical holiday because:

  • the first focus is on the children (although the parents will have the time of their life as well)
  • all our activities are designed to offer an enriching learning opportunity for the children (world schooling)
  • our own UnsameLife Child Coach will assist your children during their learning experience
  • all our workations and retreats offer the possibility to the parents to have time on their own so they can work on their own projects or just spend time as they want
  • you and your children will be able to connect with people from different places and backgrounds which makes that connection so much more valuable
  • we build a community of people that understand that travel offers the most complete learning experience for children (world schooling)
  • most important of all: during our trips you - as a parent - will share all these new experiences with your children. In the end, an UnsameLife trip is all about a deep connection between parents and children.

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