Who we are

Why are we doing this?

We want to create a new lifestyle

Mission: why do we exist?

We create a lifestyle for parents and children that embraces new ways of living, working, learning and travelling.

This will probably sound familiar.

You have an inner feeling that is very clear but difficult to describe. What we’ve been doing for decades suddenly doesn´t make sense anymore.
You start questioning it.
Everybody stuck in traffic going from our homes to our workplaces… and back.
What education can I give to my children so they become creative, independent and happy people?
Why does it seem like I can only be in beautiful, exotic locations when I am on holiday?
Why do we leave our children at nurseries, kindergartens and schools all day?
Why do we work from 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday and have the weekends off?
A lot of questions… and we looked for the answers.
In all, it took us more than 3 years to come to the final concept and we realise that it will be a never-ending journey.

With UNSAME we aim to change the way we live, work, learn, and travel. We want to create a new lifestyle.

Please join us if you feel the same.

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Open-minded - we are willing to embrace new ideas
Free - we have the choice to do, learn and live wherever or whatever we want
Adventurous - the world is there to be discovered
Entrepreneurial - we have a business - minded approach to life. Go for it, if you believe in it.
No-nonsense - say what you do and do what you say

What do we believe?

Our premises

Get out of your daily environment frequently.
Live together with like-minded families to interact and learn from each other.
Let children live together with other children, no matter what age they are.
Isn`t it nice to live in different countries, even for a limited time?

Working is much more productive in a creative environment.
Co-working gives you inspiration as you will work together with people from all over the world and from different sectors.
9-5 is outdated - you should be valued for output, not for input.
Remote working is the way to go - permanent offices are no longer required.
Don´t waste so much time in traffic getting to work.

Learning doesn’t end after college.
Education is way too one-directional and standardized: teacher > pupil.
Doing and discovering help children to learn more and faster.
Traditional education teaches children to be "normal" and stick to the status quo.
Children are natural learners, we just have to create the right environment for them.

Travelling does not end when you have kids.
Travelling is an adventure - be a traveller, not a tourist.
You only get to know a country if you really live there.
Travelling should be mixed with working. We don´t believe in those typical blocks
of "working period" and "holidays". We like to mix things up.

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