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"UnsameLife is hiring a Child Coach - Experience Leader"

Part-time (20h) position available starting September 2021

Full-time (40h) as from September 2022

Application Deadline: June 30th 2021

Do you have a background in facilitating the development of young children aged 5-8?  Do you feel most alive when working in a high-energy group dynamic? Want to help young children expand their possibilities and encourage them to chase their dreams?

If you love connecting children to their passions and managing learning experiences in a fast-paced environment, then read on.  UnsameLife is hiring a Child Coach – Experience Leader to guide our children through their learning experiences on a regional and international level.


UnsameLife is on a mission to create a lifestyle for parents and children that embraces new ways of living, working, learning, and traveling.  We want to put the world at your fingertips.  UnsameLife is for the daredevils who are not afraid to think differently and believe that each person’s life is unique. 

We organize travel experiences, adventures and programs for today`s parents and children who seek to take their work, education, life and growth to a whole new level.  UnsameLife´s retreats and programs are for those parents who believe that learning happens everywhere, and that a child´s development increases when discovering new environments and situations.  UnsameLife seeks to bring together a highly diverse group of people from different places to share experiences, best practices for life, work and education and foremost live a really “unsame” life.   

UnsameLife offers 4 types of experiences:

Experience Days (2-4 days)

Workations (1-3 weeks)

Retreats (4-6 weeks)

Lifestyle (+6 weeks and on a more continuous basis)

UnsameLife focusses on 4 main pillars:

Education (virtual and on location)





Child Coaches – Experience Leaders are the guides, facilitators, and planners for groups of 4 to 10 highly creative and talented children from around the world.  They are masters in asking questions, stimulating the curiosity and the need to discover in every child.  A Child Coach-Experience Leader`s primary role is to guide our children so they can develop into confident, self-directive and passionate individuals.  You will wear many hats, from the planner and executor of the local child event to the coach that has to sheer up its team.   At times this role takes the endurance of a sports person, and that should excite you.

For this round of Child Coaches-Experience Leaders, UnsameLife is seeking candidates who bring multiple years of experience guiding and coaching children in an out-of-the school environment with a clear focus on the following 9 soft skills:

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Adaptability
  • Creativity
  • Time Management
  • Leadership
  • Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Entrepreneurship


PASSION:  You are deeply moved by the work of coaching young children so they can get the best out of themselves. 

A GIFTED COACH:  You have multiple years of experience in guiding small groups of children.  You have demonstrated a strong understanding of and ability to lead programming related to child development.  You have experience in developing and leading learning projects and outdoor excursions.   You are comfortable leading a group of 4-10 young children.

A NATURAL MENTOR:  You care deeply about seeing young children succeed and grow.   You know how to support and challenge children in the right ways.  You can meet them where they are or take them where they want to go.  You are connected to the infinite field of possibilities and have a proven toolkit of coaching and mentoring skills.

ENDLESS ENERGY:  You get energy from children.  Children are drawn to you, your coaching style and how it shows up.   It doesn´t matter if you are running a workshop, going on an excursion with the kids, or preparing an event for the next day. You want to be where the action is.  You know what it takes to create first-class experiences for our children.

A COMMUNITY CREATOR:  You are an experienced community builder.  All your life, you have guided children into the unknown. You are a keen observer and are always looking for opportunities to build strong relationships, positive group dynamics, and meaningful conversations.

LEARNING ENVIRONMENT BUILDER:  You can build a learning environment for our children, both virtual as on location, with a clear focus on soft skills and understanding through action.

A TALENTED ORGANIZER:  You have proven experience in the organization, planning and leading of events for groups of approximate 4-10 children.


  • 2+ Year experience in training, guiding or coaching children in an out-of-school environment
  • Exceptional event/project planning, and organizational skills
  • Comfortable and experienced working in remote environments
  • Experience in teaching soft skills
  • Fluent in Spanish and English
  • Ability to travel for 4-6 months out of the year, with long stretches on the road


We believe the most significant benefit of being a Child Coach-Experience Leader at UnsameLife is found in the work itself.  It´s found when you fully show up to these life-defining learning experiences and see the impact your leadership has on a global community.   Another benefit is that once you are trained and can show you fully understand our methodology, we leave space for you to take ownership of many parts of the learning experience.  That is, as you master the UnsameLife philosophy, you gain some creative freedom to design, create, and implement your style onto this impactful work.  Other benefits include:

  • Compensation based on experience and full or part-time role
  • Travel to and from our destinations when on workation/retreat
  • On-site accommodations, experiences, ground transportations and some meals covered when on workation/retreat


Please email no later than June 30th with your CV and a cover letter answering the following two questions:

  1. Describe the specific work experience that you will bring to UnsameLife.  Be specific and describe how this will make you a great Child Coach-Experience Leader.
  2. How would you measure success in this position as an UnsameLife Child Coach-Experience Leader?  Describe the goals, metrics and approach you would personally commit to.

As from Autumn 2022, you will combine your work from our basis in Alicante (Spain) with retreats at different locations.


  1. Do not apply if your background and experiences come from traditional schooling.
  2. Do not overlook the long hours with children or the long periods away from friends and family.  If your lifestyle is non-mobile or travel compatible, please do not apply.

Thank you.

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