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"Finally free"

I still remember it, as it was yesterday.  June 2005.  The first taste of freedom, real freedom.  I had moved from Belgium to the Canary Islands together with my parents and two sisters only ten months before, and a new adventure was waiting.  It was the first "real challenge" that I would take on on myself.  All decisions about, how, where and when were mine: I filled my Toyota Corolla as full as it could be with all the necessary stuff I needed and didn´t look back.  I left Gran Canaria, took the boat to Cádiz and drove from there to Barcelona, to start a new company.  A company that´s still close to my heart today, fourteen years later.

Much has happened since, but the feeling I had that day is still very alive.  Thinking back now, it´s a pity that education couldn´t give me that same feeling of discovery and adventure.  I always had experienced education as very formal, predictable and with almost no room for freedom.  Now, more than a decade later, we are preparing for a new adventure, a new chapter in our lives.  We firmly believe that the way we work, live and learn should be different.  Although in the beginning, the focus of the project was more on working and living, with the birth of our two children, the education part got more and more our attention.  "What kind of education do we want to give to our children?" was a question that was popping up frequently.  Now, more than three years later, we have defined it pretty well.   A nice mix of Montessori, Acton Academy, and Worldschooling will do the job.  Hands-on education, preparing our children for real life, solving real problems, starting real adventures and projects, learning from real artists, entrepreneurs, and other professionals, giving them all the freedom they need to decide what, when and how they want to learn.  

I want to provide them with the same feeling I had when I was 23 years old and on my way to Barcelona.  The same sense, but 20 years earlier.


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