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"Do we really need that morning stress?"

Even with perfect planning, morning routine can be tough.

Studies show that 42 per cent of parents find mornings to be the most hectic and stressful time of day. 

But how did we get there?

The reason for all this stress and chaos is simple: because we, as society, have invented this system ourselves. There’s no one else to blame but ourselves. In general, there are two major “systems” ruling our daily lives: the way we work and the way we educate our children. Both systems are very closely interconnected. It’s because we all work from 9 to 5 from Monday to Friday that the education system has built itself around this. Let’s be honest; the main role of schools – besides teaching – is to act as babysitter. As most parents don’t work from home, they need someone else to take care of their children. It’s a vicious circle…

How to break out of it?

Start from scratch, take a blank sheet of paper and invent your own system.

How would you organize your time if you had all the freedom to decide everything yourself? 

We did this exercise. We decided that the way we organize our time should cover the following needs and beliefs:

  • Children are natural learners; they don’t need a “teacher” all the time.
  • 90% of jobs can be done remotely and location independent.
  • Parents should spend more time together with their children.
  • Children should discover the world at a young age by experiencing real life.

Taking these premises into account, we decided that home schooling would be the way to go, but not just traditional home schooling where one of the parents dedicates a big chunk of their time to education. As we believe that parents also need time to work on their own projects, we decided to hire a private coach following the methodology of Montessori. To make it realistic and affordable for everyone, we opted for Co-living. It’s perfectly possible to bring two or three families together, all living in the same house, working from home and sharing a lot of time together with their children. Feeling the need for a break at 11 am? Treat your children to a swim, have lunch together with them and take them for a walk…

Does all of this just seem impossible?

It’s not. We start on it in October this year. Feel free to join us.

Bart & Evelien

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