Why are we doing this?

We want to create a new lifestyle

What are we offering you?

nice, high quality living spaces with beautiful views
co-living with extra attention to details
private room in a luxurious property
special attention to communal areas
cleaning and laundry service
utlities are included in the price
democratic: all guests, including the children,
can decide what to do and how to organise their time
2 times a week a cook will prepare our meals recommended by a dietitian so we can have healthy, well-balanced food*
daily breakfast/lunch/dinner included*
co-working spaces with 24/7 internet access
you work mainly from home, avoiding being stuck in traffic
nice environments that inspire and boost creativity
"high technology room" for video-conferences, telco´s, skype sessions etc.*
a platform to share ideas on business and private life
special places to work in during your stay
full time private coach per location
we create a learning environment at home
children learn while parents work
because they share the same location, parents and children can see each other for lunch, sport or just to be together.
non-standardized personal approach with a positive outlook
we start from the premise that children are natural learners
good balance between "academic" and "practical" learning.
democratic schooling: the children decide what, where, when and how they want to learn
learn about the people and their customs
learn about the country and its history
your children will get monitored to keep up with their school work
the children in the classroom in your home country will get frequent updates on what your child is learning like a virtual field trip
we offer you a 30-day curriculum covering history, geography, language, arts and science
we create daily video messages so your children can inform their friends and classroom in the home country
we create a virtual map so the kids in the class can follow your route from the home country
Skype sessions to communicate with friends and classroom
our groups are mixed-aged, so your kids can learn from their peers
we will bring together some of the nicest speakers with experience in different ways of living, working, learning and travelling (for the parents and the children).
our aim is to offer multiple additional locations per year
come and visit us at various locations several times a year
discover the world together with your kids, without losing contact with your home country
step out of your daily life and routine for 30 days but keep on working and building your future
publish your own experiences on our blog (tell your story)

Facilities indicated with * are only included in our semi-permanent house in Jávea-Alicante.

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