Who would be the perfect fit?

* adventurous families with children (minimum age 4 years old)

* entrepreneurs, freelancers, etc. Anyone who can work remotely for 2-6 weeks

* people that believe traditional schooling should be complemented with other types of education

* parents and children with a sense for adventure and challenge

    Q. What is the main language spoken at the locations?

    A. In general, we will use English as the main language, but don´t hesitate to use your own native language when you talk to the children (own and other children). They will enjoy discovering new languages and cultures.

    Q. Can you arrange a taxi service to get to the location?

    A. Don’t worry! We’ll come personally to the airport to welcome you and bring you to the house.

    Q. What can I expect?

    A. We will provide you with a thrilling experience for 2-6 weeks. You will discover the country and get new insights into living, working, learning and travelling.

    Q. Do you provide flights?

    A. Travel and flights are not included in your program fee and we are not able to provide flights. You must arrive at the destination on your own and make your own way on afterwards.

    Q. What´s included in the Price?

    A. A. What’s included differs depending on your destination, and the length of trip. Always consult the page for the specific retreat you’re interested in for the full list. Generally, most one month and two-week trips include:

    • Accommodation (a private space for your family)
    • Coworking space with full-time access, or a productive space to stay connected, depending on your trip duration
    • Dedicated leaders to facilitate the experience and connect you to almost anything you need
    • Destination orientation, welcome dinner
    • Airport pickup upon arrival in available locations
    • Local SIM card for mobile connectivity in available locations
    • Organization of workshops, goals sessions and local guest speakers
    • Full time coach for the children.
    • Anything you and your peers decide to contribute: lead a workshop, facilitate an exploratory conversation, organize a dinner etc. Get creative!

    Your payment does not include several important things

    • Alcohol
    • Activities and adventures outside of the house (skiing, bicycle rentals, diving, climbing, etc. can all cost a significant amount and should only be paid for by people who partake in each activity, therefore are not included in the price unless otherwise noted)
    • Sometimes we organize yoga or meditation instructors to come to the house and arrange a group discount, but only those participating will pay for this
    • Meals are not included unless otherwise noted; however, we do like to facilitate group meals and all participants split the costs when the group decides to eat dinner together.

    Q. Is travel insurance included in the price?

    Travel insurance is not included in the price and should be taken care of by yourself in case you want it.

    Q. What's the payment process like?

    A. Once you’re invited to join us, your spot is held as soon as you pay your €500 deposit. Deposits are refundable less a €100 cancellation fee up to 120 days before the retreat begins. Final payments are due no later than 120 days before your retreat’s start date. Up to 90 days before your retreat, a full refund will be given less your €500 deposit, which can be applied one time and at no cost, to another retreat that starts within 24 months of your original retreat. No transfers or refunds are available 90 days before a retreat starts.

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