Methodology of Maria Montessori

“…the teacher´s task is first to nourish and assist, to watch, to encourage, guide, induce, rather than to interfere, prescribe, or restrict” (Maria Montessori)

We strongly believe in the education methodology of Maria Montessori. Although we are not a Montessori school, the coaches that will guide our children throughout their learning experience have a Montessori diploma.

For further information about Montessori, visit their website

We consciously choose for home schooling supported by a coach as this gives us the independence and flexibility to be with our children when and where we want. In our opinion, traditional education is in many ways too restrictive, too standardized and too inflexible.

We want to be together with our children during the day, participate in their learning and be present when they learn and discover. We want to keep this spontaneous thrill to be able to travel the world with them without asking for permission.

In a second stage, we will incorporate the methodology of Acton Academy, with a focus on children as from 6 years old. For more information, please visit their website

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"Have faith in your children."

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