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An "unsame" day is full of life

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself” (John Dewey)

What does a "typical" day look like at our retreats? Well, the least you can say is that they are not typical at all. They are "unsame". Here's what one of your days could look like:

  • 6:30am: Mornings start quiet and relaxing. It is an ideal moment to spend some time with the kids and making plans for the day. You can spend the first hours on your own as a family or come straight to the communal area. It is your choice.
  • 08:30am: You can grab breakfast at home or go to the local coffee shop or bakery café with some other families.
  • 09:30am: Action time! This is the moment you are looking forward to and what defines an UnsameLife. Discover the country, do some exercise, take a surf lesson, do some yoga lessons, organize a workshop, together with the other families and the kids. There is plenty of free time as well to go out on your own or joining another family. At the end of this time frame, there will be time to grab some lunch as well. Before the retreat, you will receive full detail of all the activities that we offer.
  • 03:00pm: Start of a work cycle for the adults so they can get some work done. During all our retreats, a coach will guide your children so that they can get the maximum learning experience. At the same time, the parents have the chance to focus entirely on their projects. The children will learn about the country, its culture, and its habits. All of this in a natural and relaxed environment so that learning can feel naturally. We strongly believe in homeschooling, following the child's rhythm, so we put all our efforts in place so that the children can acquire hard and soft skills in a fun and enjoyable way.
  • 7:00pm: personal time, to relax or get some extra work done, if needed
  • 08:00pm: dinner time!
  • 09:30pm: Kids to bed, time to wind down, share the day's experiences, and be grateful for a fantastic day.

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