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Co-working / Co-living / Family life / Mediterranean style

- 30 days or more -

The start of our adventure and a new “Unsame” life. In this modern villa we will raise our children and educate them for life. We offer you all the facilities for Co-Working, Co-Living and Co-Learning. A permanent coach will guide your children (and ours) through their learning. Parents and children will share the house and work, live and learn together. As this villa is our semi-permanent basis, we look for 2 more families to share it with us.
Jávea-Alicante is the only destination that is available for stays longer than 30 days. Please, contact us, for more information.

We invite you to come to Jávea and see what an “Unsame” life can be. You will be able to keep on working on your projects, live together with likely minded people and you will give your children the best education possible so they can become confident and independent human beings. But most of all, we offer you the chance to be with your children 24/7 and share their experiences.
Add to that a luxurious villa, beautiful surroundings, all the comfort you can imagine and you will agree that this is what life should be.


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Our home

Let ́s be honest. We don ́t like compromises and even less when we are talking about our home.
For the period October 2019-March 2020 we have selected a stunning 400 m2 villa with all the comfort you can imagine, located in the region of Javea, aprox 65km from Alicante and 115km from Valencia. This villa will allow you to relax, work on your projects, live together and share all the precious moments with your children.​

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Available as from 12/10/2019
Age of children: 3 - 9 years

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